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In an industry where brand switching is relatively high, forming lasting and meaningful customer relationships can prove challenging for brokers.

To help you locate the business opportunities within your own database and local area, we take a look at how two insurance businesses are incorporating print marketing to achieve tangible returns.

CIA Insurance and FOCUS Oxford Risk Management have tapped into the full advantage offered by letters and direct mail; increasing revenue from their cross-selling messages, whilst honing their policy renewal and enquiry processes to lead to higher conversion rates.

With nearly nine out of ten (85%) Brits using online comparison sites to research their insurance policies, how is your business applying strategic marketing to reach more clients than your competitors?

It’s our most profitable way to generate new sales

“We’ve estimated that – with BriefYourMarket.com – we are saving the equivalent of two full-time staff.

We’re seeing huge savings from the outsourcing of the printing and posting of our renewal letters; with our database of approximately 140,000 clients receiving up to three letters regarding their insurance renewal, which helps us to enhance our upselling strategy.

The personalised and targeted email campaigns are our most profitable way of generating new sales.”

The complete marketing proposition for insurance

The customer journey is no longer a linear path to purchase, with as many as 95% of UK consumers now adopting a multi-channel approach to buying.

To optimise the experience that your customers have with your brokerage, you must understand that whilst every policyholder’s journey will be different, technology offers you a way to streamline your communications and provide an enhanced service.

From one platform, BriefYourMarket.com provides you with a web-to-print service whilst automating key messages across email, print marketing and SMS – putting your insurance brand in front of more clients, with more visibility on your Return on Investment.

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Direct mail enables us to cost-effectively generate new business in our local area

“We were keen to grow our High Net Worth Home Insurance business and so decided to go with a direct mail campaign using BriefYourMarket.com’s print shop.

We designed the initial cards to go out and these were sent to approximately 350 homeowners – which we then followed up with a letter highlighting another key benefit that makes FOCUS different as an insurance broker.

From our first mail send, we have obtained data that allows us to quote at the next renewal.

We feel that the print shop feature hits the spot that other marketing sometimes misses – and BriefYourMarket.com enables us to do this easily and cost-effectively.

We first saw BriefYourMarket.com at a Bluefin presentation and were very impressed – particularly with the integration with Acturis – and now they’re helping us to upsell and cross-sell more policies.”