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Reach customers effectively and leave a lasting impression with Royal Mail Door to Door.

Getting your brand and message out with leaflets and mini magazines directly through the letterbox is a great way to reach more potential customers for less.

We understand the value of a consistent marketing plan in delivering brand awareness and utilising Royal Mail Door to Door to distribute your material is a proven marketing technique used by many successful companies.

Door drops are a great addition to your marketing mix, ensuring you are kept at the forefront of your local marketplace. 14% of door drops stay in the home after 28 days. What’s more, a single door drop is interacted with up to 3 times on average, so your marketing material works even harder.

As with most things, timing and repeated communication is everything. It’s all about the planning ahead to make sure you target your audience. Royal Mail requires at least six weeks notice to secure your dates for distribution. Therefore, it is vital to plan well in advance.

At BriefYourMarket we manage the development of your campaign and coordinate the print and distribution for you so you can just deal with the day-to-day running of your business.

We have a selection of packages below to choose from on a min 3 month contract so you can sit back and relax knowing we have your marketing covered!


If you’re interested a monthly door drops please download the order form below today or contact your Customer Success Manager.

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