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BriefYourMarket and Dataloft supercharge email conversion rates

BriefYourMarket and Dataloft supercharge email conversion rates

BriefYourMarket, the marketing platform designed to help estate agents generate more instructions has announced an upgrade to their partnership with Dataloft’s hyper-local property market insights platform, Dataloft Inform. 

The two have revealed that they have developed an integration between the systems to make agents’ lives easier and produce even better results.  

Users will now be able to drag-and-drop analysis, trends and statistics – localised to a postcode sector and displayed in attractive and easy-to-read graphics – from within their email editor. 

Alerting previous customers and new prospects of the local average house price, how values have changed over time and the latest market trends, for example, has always encouraged action. And now it’s never been easier to get that message across. 

The time saving of the new process is significant and should allow agents to communicate with their audience using more relevant content, more regularly. 

What’s more, the new BriefYourMarket integration automatically adjusts any images an agent wishes to use to fit with their specific corporate branding for that extra professional touch. 

Existing customers of BriefYourMarket’s Communications Managed service are also able to opt in, further improving their campaigns and to aid speed of creation and responsiveness. The firm’s team of marketing executives write, design and send campaigns to attract new market appraisal requests on agents’ behalf. 

BriefYourMarket’s Chief Commercial Officer, Richard Combellack, said of the announcement, 

“I am very excited about the integration of our two industry-leading products. Dataloft Inform provides a new level of insight and useful data about every agent’s ‘patch’. The up-to-date analysis they’re able to supply is exactly what helps to engage a homeowner. 

Combining that with our ability to distribute directly to an agent’s database or prospect constituency, via our other integrations with the leading CRM providers, is a recipe for success. 

That’s before you add our on-market prospect data to the mix, too. Allowing agents to target ALL vendors and landlords currently on the market with a multi-channelled approach spanning email, social media, SMS and direct mail all but guarantees results for our customers.” 

Dataloft Director, Rory Black, echoed Richard’s thoughts, 

“We’re delighted to announce the integration between Dataloft Inform and BriefYourMarket. Dataloft Inform is packed full of hyper-local property market insights and we are committed to making our content as valuable and easy to use as possible.  

Our integration means that mutual subscribers can publish relevant, interesting and useful content to their database, with incredible ease.” 

They’re so confident of the results the link up will generate that they are offering 6 weeks free trial access with a guaranteed minimum of 4 valuation enquiries! 

If you’re a Dataloft Inform or BriefYourMarket customer and would like to learn more about how the new integration could benefit you, request a free demonstration HERE, at briefyourmarket.com/demo or by emailing info@briefyourmarket.com.  


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BriefYourMarket announces Reapit AppMarket integration

BriefYourMarket announces Reapit AppMarket integration

BriefYourMarket has a new integration that is live and ready to install on Reapit’s AppMarket.

BriefYourMarket first integrated with Reapit’s AgencyCloud CRM in 2010. Our mission was to create a comprehensive-yet-seamless link between our two systems. The result being a powerful CRM for estate agents to manage their database, but which also allowed them to communicate to those contacts via email, social media and print campaigns.

Since then, we have worked with mutual customers to identify and convert their most lucrative opportunities. Cross-sell, up-sell and repeat business has been achieved using marketing automation, nurture campaigns and improving conversion rates.

Now, as Reapit’s longest-standing partner, we are proud to announce that BriefYourMarket connects with the AppMarket too.

Customers will be provided with information on what the integration offers along with a one-click install option. The integration also allows for further exploitation of our on-market competitor data and off-market geo-demographically profiled data such as identifying when archive contacts are on the move again. Put simply, you will be able to target the right person, with the right message, at the right time and through the right channel, better than ever.

Our Chief Commercial Officer Rich Combellack commented, “I am very excited about this new generation of integration. It will not only allow us to generate more business opportunities for our customers but also post calls to action and activities back into Reapit for follow up”.

Reapit’s Chief Commercial Officer, Paul Starkey, added: “I am pleased that our long-standing relationship with BriefYourMarket has now resulted in a direct integration accessible to Reapit customers via their AppMarket. The seamless and one-click transition between the two systems enables customers to market to their prospects with greater effectiveness and efficiency.”

It doesn’t stop there, either. Our AppMarket integration is merely a base for future innovations, some of which we’re already working on. And the potential is unlimited.

For more information on apps which are live or are coming soon, visit the AppMarket Partners page.

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Acquisition of Live Chat operator Yomdel

Acquisition of Live Chat operator Yomdel

BriefYourMarket.com have just completed the acquisition of the Live Chat operator Yomdel, to bolster our digital offering.

Yomdel are the market-leading customer experience and live chat provider specialising in providing manned chat services to multiple sectors including property, financial services, removals, travel and many more. The addition of Yomdel will serve to enhance the range and breadth of services it provides to clients by extending technology-driven marketing and customer experience capabilities that will help grow your business.

Yomdel is led by CEO Andy Soloman and CCO Tim Breden who will continue to lead Yomdel as well as supporting the BriefYourMarket management team. Clients of either business will not see any immediate changes, but can look forward to exciting developments in the future. Tim Breden, COO at Yomdel said: “When BriefYourMarket approached us and shared their vision and passion, we knew it was going to be a win-win for both of us and, most importantly, for our many customers and partners. This will enable us both to realise hugely ambitious and innovative plans to help our clients rapidly grow their businesses and we’re delighted to be working on a new and exciting future with Damon and the team.”

Integration of the two platforms will be forthcoming which will mean BriefYourMarket clients will be able to provide ‘Live Chat’ as an additional call to action within their digital communications and through the CRM integrations understand which have resulted in goal conversions.

Yomdel was the first company in the UK to provide 24/7 fully managed live chat services, and also offers mystery shopping and a range of experiential and customer research services. Yomdel clients have live chat software and fully trained operators standing ready to engage with website visitors 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Yomdel’s live chat services can be used on any website for online sales, lead generation or customer service and support. Companies that can benefit from Yomdel include everyone from very small, low traffic private businesses, global corporations, public bodies and charities.

Yomdel is the market leader in live chat for estate agents, and also works across multiple sectors including removals, storage, travel, consumer redress, financial services, charities, medical, legal and many more.

To find out more about either platform, book a consultation.

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