When it comes to content marketing, some of the biggest hurdles for B2C businesses are measuring campaign effectiveness (51%), producing engaging material (50%) and providing consistency (44%).
Our Communications Managed service takes that pressure away, ensuring that – without fail – your customers will receive industry and brand-relevant marketing messages that’ll get them that much closer to conversion.
Speaking to our Communications Managed Executives – Iwan and Chris – we discuss what it takes to create and send communications on behalf of our customers, and how they ensure that each agent or broker we work with receives high-quality marketing that appeals directly to their target audience.
What does your day-to-day job entail?
Iwan: Our average day consists of catching up on any requests that have come in from customers, such as: building newsletters, creating campaigns, writing articles, or scheduling social media posts.
We also do lots of market research to stay up-to-date with the latest news and trends, and to find out what’s going on in each sector. Following this, we tend to do a lot of brainstorming sessions to come up with new campaign ideas that will be well-received by our customers, and – in turn – their customers.
Chris: We focus on finding relevant article links about developments in a number of industries, such as property, for social media posts. As well as taking the time to contact our Communications Managed customers to ensure they are happy with the content being created and sent for them.
What is your favourite part of working at BYM?
Iwan: I love how easy it is to try out new ideas and get feedback on them. The company really welcomes ideas and suggestions, and works with you to carry them out and get things off the ground. Everyone is really supportive.
Also, Chris and I just get on so well. We’re a really close-knit team, so we are able to bounce ideas off each other and give honest feedback – which is really appreciated.
Chris: I really enjoy the diversity of the job. We get to do lots of different things, giving us the chance to be creative in building new campaigns and social media posts, so that’s been extremely enjoyable!
The general workplace is great as well, with a supportive yet relaxed atmosphere that makes me look forward to getting into the office. Like Iwan mentioned, we are all really close, it’s like an extended family.
What is the most interesting campaign a customer has asked you to work on?
Iwan: Last year, I worked on a Halloween-themed piece for one of our clients, so that was definitely different. Also, I recently ran a campaign for one of my customers for a competition to win Six Nations rugby tickets, so it isn’t always industry-specific.
These types of out-of-the-box campaigns are always the most interesting to work on. I love creating campaigns that are different to the norm – like with seasonal content – as it’s a nice change and a welcome challenge.
They also produce the highest return on investment (ROI) for our customers, so it’s really rewarding to see when one of those has done really well.
We recently created a Brexit message for one of our agents that helped them to generate 43 leads from a single email, and another that brought in 261. That’s brilliant in terms of marketing return, and even led to ValPal questioning them about what had happened.
Chris: One of my estate agent customers wanted to tap into Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which was an interesting use of the current shopping trends.
Instagram insurance branding has been an enjoyable endeavour recently, with The Bateman Groupparticularly happy with the progress we’re making in this area for their brand.
What has been the most popular topic asked for by customers?
Iwan: By far, the most popular campaigns we get asked to do for property are valuation-winning campaigns – i.e. price increases in X area.
These campaigns always result in leads being generated for our customers, and given that valuations kick-off the customer journey, it’s important that we get it right and create something that will appeal to the target audience.
Chris: We find that it works well if the campaign links back to the specific location, such as: ‘do you know prices in Derby have risen?’, with links to the agent’s Digi-Val tool, encouraging recipients to request a free online valuation.
How do you ensure that your customers receive content that’s relevant to their brand?
Chris: When we build the campaigns, we always take into account the customer’s own brand – often having their website open at the same time to ensure that the content we put together is consistent and relevant.
By personalising the content for each customer, adding their logos and ensuring that their imagery fits in with their brand, each client receives highly-personalised content.
In terms of newsletters, we write a large selection of new articles each and every month, with a number of topics to pick from.
One of the nicest parts of the job is tailoring the campaigns and newsletters to the customer’s requirements, so we’re constantly thriving to produce the most tailored content possible.
What do you enjoy doing most for your customers out of emails, newsletters and social media?
Iwan: I’d say coming up with campaigns is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the job, as I get to be more creative.
Often, clients use Communications Managed if they struggle to find the time for marketing, so it becomes our job to then create something that both they and their customers will appreciate, with the freedom to try out new things on their behalf.
Once you’ve created a few campaigns for a client, you start figuring out what they like and what they want, and how they like to portray their brand.
Each customer is different, so it’s important to get to know each individual – once you understand them, you can become more innovative.
Chris: I honestly enjoy all parts of job as it’s so varied, but the social media has been a pleasure to work on.
Trying to come up with snappy content with eye-catching images is a real challenge and really satisfying when the customer is pleased with the end result, and we can see their follows and likes increasing.
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